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  At this time I am no longer shipping commercially; however, there are options available to you regarding transportation of your new puppy.

  Driving here to pick up your puppy can be a fun, rewarding experience. You will meet me (the breeder) and your puppy's parents. Some may have a long distance to drive, but the trip home can be an opportunity to begin the bonding process.  By the time you get home you and your puppy will be well acquainted.


  You can also book a flight with an airline company that will allow you to fly back with your 8 week old puppy.  This most likely will be American Airlines or Alaska Airlines. If you will be flying with your puppy let me know as there will be different paperwork.  I will need your information, or whoever is flying your puppy, exactly as it appears on the driver's license. You will need to come to my home to pick up the puppy.  This will still allow you the opportunity to meet me and the puppy's parents, as well as a chance to view the grounds.  Please research flights, but if at all possible, don't book your fight until your puppy has been checked by my vet.  This is usually at about 5 1/2 weeks of age.

  If you are unable to fly or drive to pick up your puppy in person there are pet nanny transport services available. This will have to be set up between you and the nanny service of your choosing. They make all the travel arrangements for ground or flight transportation. They will need to arrange picking up the puppy at my home.  Your puppy will receive the individual attention and care it needs!  Securing a Pet Nanny Service for your transport needs to be handled ahead of time!  


  I suggest researching various pet nanny services and/or airlines before deciding on the best travel option for you and your puppy. 

Deborah L. Anderson

64976 E 105 Rd

Miami, OK   74354


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