I am not sure when I will be shipping again.  I will keep you updated.  Thank you!

   While I welcome everyone to pick up their puppy at Anderson's Shiba Inus, so that you can see exactly where your puppy comes from, I do realize that it is not ideal for all of my customers, so I provide air shipping to most states. 

   I primarily use American Airlines and Delta Airlines, the cost of which is $475. This price will include a travel crate of medium size that is ideal for approximately the first 6 months of crate training. All puppies that are shipped will be micro-chipped.  I ship once a week on Fridays. My puppies are very well taken care of during the shipping process, and I have never incurred any shipping problems through these companies. I try to ship with American and Delta but will utilize United and Alaskan when needed. If it is necessary to ship with United Airlines or Alaskan Airlines the price will be higher. All prices can vary with locations and time of year.

   All Puppies are 8 weeks of age before they are ready to ship. Your puppy will arrive the same day it is shipped, and you will be given a time of arrival in which you will have to pick it up at the airport. You will have to check with the airport for details on pick up location as each airport is different.  You will also need a picture ID in order to receive your puppy, so please notify me before shipping if someone other than you will be picking your puppy up so I can get the correct name for the paper work.  Below is a link to see all shipping destinations at this time.  


I do not yet know the day of the week that puppies will fly

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