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This is my "Fun" page, filled with happy puppies and their families.

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Scroll through to see pictures of past puppies.


I would like to thank all my new Shiba owners that have sent me pictures and reviews.  I love to keep updated on your puppies. 


2023 - 2024 Reviews

Tim Harmon -Babu (Formally Score)

April 2024

"Hello Deborah.  Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Babu.  He is 30 pounds now!  He has such a good personality.  He's a happy, fun-loving guy.  Love his confidence.  He is exactly what we needed and wanted.  We are still early in training.  But my impression is he's smart.  He learned "down" faster than any dog I've ever had.  Hope you are well."


Hunter Rodgers - Toast (Formally Sansa)

October 2023

"Hi Deborah!  Toast just recently turned 1 year old and we figured it was about time to share an update!  She has grown up into the cutest and smartest puppy ever and we think she looks just like her dad, Dream!  She loves car rides and meeting other dogs at the dog park.  She also has a mischievous side to her of course and LOVES stealing socks from the sock drawer and making her humans chase her around.  We can't thank you enough for our wonderful fur baby!" 

Vanessa Bauer -Asahi (Formally Toffee)

September 2023

"Asahi is healthy, happy and gorgeous!  I can't imagine my life without her in it.  Thank you for being trustworthy and knowledgeable in breeding your pups into loving homes.  We are so grateful to have found you and Asahi." 


Darryan Newkirk - Kuma (Formally Turbo)

September 2023

"I hope this email finds you well!  Kuma (Turbo) turned 6 months old yesterday and I wanted to send over some pictures for you.  He has grown SO fast it's almost surreal looking at how tiny he was when we first met him.

He is honestly the PERFECT little doggo and Joel and I are still just as much in love with him now as when we picked him up.  He is so smart, sassy, hilarious, playful and energetic.  Kuma has a regal disposition in the way that he carries himself and he is so full of charm!  He's a fast learner and catches on quickly, VERY stubborn and strong willed, but we figured that would be part of raising a Shiba!

Thanks for creating a great experience for us and for giving us our new best friend!  Looking forward to many more years with our sweet peach:)"

Cathy Hudson - Arlo (Formally Tuffy)

May 2023

"Just a quick thank you again.  Arlo is absolutely a joy.  He fits right in with our family.  He is loving rolling in the grass, playing tug of war and seems to sleep anywhere in between playing.  I can't say enough, I'm just thrilled I found you."

DSC03620 (2).JPG

Alyssa Esgro - Kenny (Formally Tahoe)

May 2023

"Hi Deborah!  We wanted to share photos of our little Kenny (originally Tahoe).  He's about 10 months old and is such a funny and spunky guy.  We always rave to everyone about how awesome a breeder you are.  We will forever be thankful for you!"

Candice Woodruff - Yoshi (Formally Daniel)

January 2023

"Happy New Year!  Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for bringing Yoshi to our lives.  He is happy, healthy and growing into a really big boy already!

He's so charming and independent!  House training has gone better than we expected and we start puppy class together next Sunday.  Meanwhile, it's amazing what he's picked up from our two yr old Aussie (Lollie).  He's a smart little nugget, and we all just love him!

All the best to you and Dora and Dream.  Please give them an extra belly rub from us!"


Candice, Rick, Will, Landry & Yoshi


Bee Mounphoxay - Mugan (Formally Riley)

January 2022

"My has the time flown with this guy!  His first birthday is coming up soon and he has traveled the states!  He is the BEST BOY ever!  He has been a show stopper since we brought him home!  Every where we go people stop and compliment him even if they are driving!  He really enjoys being around children and running with them!  He is also suuppperr snuggly/cuddly!  He is doing AMAZING!  you really do breed the best!  Thank you-here are some recent photos of this handsome crazy boy!  Have a great week!"

2022 Reviews


Heather Diaque - Rin (Formally Tabitha)

November 2022

"I wanted to check in with you as promised.  Rin is doing great.  She is just an absolute doll and we've just fallen in love with her!  I feel she has been settling in well - Kiba has been a little jealous of Rin so we are taking everything slowly to ensure everyone's safety.  I am confident it will get better with time.  Once again, thank you so much for everything.  We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us.  we will keep in touch with updated as time goes on.  Best Regards"

Kevin Crumpler - Baggins (Formally Tag)

September 2022

"Hey Deborah,  I hope all is well with you.  Baggins (Tag) turns 2 tomorrow.  He has brought so much joy to our house.  He is best friends with his sister.  Duchess (a jack russell), and they love to chase each other all around the yard and the house.  Everywhere we go, people comment on how beautiful a dog he is.  Kids always yell out that he looks like a fox every time we go to the dog park.  He is definitely a night owl, and he loves to play outside and explore at all hours through the night.  He can be somewhat timid and skittish at times with sounds and people. but, when the people get tp know him and he's comfortable, he brings out his happy and excited side.  He really enjoys his quiet time, but, when we get home, he is hopping around like a bunny and constantly turning in circles trying to catch his tail, haha!  We love him so much!  Just wanted to share."


Sydney Johnson - Yuki (Formally Dawn)

August 2022

"Hi Deborah,  We have been meaning to send you pictures of Yuki for some time.  She is almost 11 months old and quite the firecracker!  My husband Duke and I couldn't love her more.  She is absolutely gorgeous and always keeps us on our toes.  Yuki loves playing in the hose, going for walks, laying in the sun, and seeing her best friend, a 14 year old lab named Maverick.  Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives!"


Kristy Mao - Kiba (Formally Wonder)

July 2022

"Hi Deborah!  We are so excited for our next puppy.  Kiba (Wonder) has been the perfect addition to our family!  He is affectionate and so smart.  Kiba has been helpful with our oldest son, his relationship with Kiba has been therapeutic in helping him deal with depression.  He is such a wonderful dog and we are very much looking forward to a sister for him!"


Jill Gentry - Zoey (Formally Dibs)

June 2022

"Hi Deborah, I hope you are doing well!  Zoey is a doll and terror wrapped into one adorable body.  She's doing great.  Loves her big brother and surprisingly he loves her back!  He took to her instantly!  With Max being 14 we were a little concerned.

She's had her second round of vaccinations and we found a great vet.  Parasite free!  However, I was not expecting anything less.  You do an amazing job breeding and caring for your Shibas.  I can't thank you enough!


Jill and Zoey


Robin Aguirre - Yoko (Formally Robyn)

March 2022

"Hi!  Just thought you'd like an update and some pics of Yoko now that she's 6 months old and all grown up.  I just wanted to start by saying that I can't speak enough about how amazing your dogs are.  Just to refresh your memory - I picked up my first Shiba pup from you back in 2007 and he was the best dog I'd ever had up until the day he died in 2020.  Yoko, the puppy I picked up in October 2021 was to be picked up on the 1 year anniversary of the other dogs passing and you had named her Robyn.  She was truly meant for us, I think.  She is doing amazing!  She's so wonderful with my kids ands the other dogs, and reminds us SO much of our late Shiba my husband and I swear she's Juneau reincarnated.  She loves going to the park, is so great even with strange children and just all around a wonderful dog.  She has been the perfect addition to our family and I'm happy to say she will also be helping us welcome my 3rd baby to the world in July.  You really do breed the most wonderful Shibas!  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that - my life would not be half as happy and healthy without my Shibas.  Any way here are a few pics - I figured you might like to see pics of her all grown up.  Have a good week!

Robin Aguirre and Family


Joey Huang - Toro (Formally Toro)

January 2022

"Hello Deborah, I hope you have been well!  It has been a long time since a Toro update.  We unfortunately couldn't take Christmas photos with him as he was neutered and had a cone for two weeks.  This not-so-little guy is 23lbs now!  Can't believe how much he has grown.  He's won the heart of my mom and all the neighbors.  This was his first snow storm in MA and he LOVED it.  Spent hours outside in the snow and refused to come back inside.  I'm forever grateful that he is a part of my life now.  The trip to get him was well worth it."


2021 Reviews

Liv Rodriguez - Cudi (Formally Percy)

December 2021

"Merry Christmas!!  Thank you for our greatest gift this year!"


Paige Green - Nori (Formally Wisp)

December 2021

" I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your dogs for bringing Nori to our lives.  She makes us smile everyday!  She is spunky, playful, and so incredibly smart!  Everything we wanted in a dog and more!

Thank you again, and have a happy holiday!"

Megan Beaudoin - Inari (Formally Suzu)

December 2021

"I just wanted to give you an update on our little Inari since today is her first birthday!  She is so smart and sassy!  She comes up with a new noise to make about once a week.  She loves to play with her German Shepherd sister and the pups at doggie daycare.  She also loves snuggles and all kinds of treats!  We love her so much!"

Cali 09-08-21 (2).jpg

Noreen Blanchett - Cali (Formally Penny)

September 2021

"Hi Deborah, I hope you are doing well!  Cali (Penny) has settled in very well with us.  She is the sweetest puppy - very good with our two kids and very affectionate with us!  She has now had all of her shots and is able to play with other dogs, which she loves."


Nicole Davila - Ace (Formally Willa)

May 2021

"Ace is now officially registered with the AKC!  She is such a beauty and Alexandra and our family couldn't be happier with her.  She is a fantastic little puppy!  Very rambunctious, as all puppies are, and she is probably the most confident dog I have ever seen.  Ace is a very social dog and she loves meeting new people.  We love her so much!  Thank you again for making this match."


Jackson Boldenow - Misa (Formally Nessa)

March 2021

"Misa has been making herself at home more and more every single day!  She finally has her puppy shots and has started to go outside in new areas.  She still does a lot more sitting than walking but it is a work in progress!  She is growing fantastically.  Her last vet visit they said she was growing perfectly and should be a very healthy pup.  I am still so in love with her quirky personality and we grow closer and closer,"

Noir - Korra 1.jpg
Noir - Korra.jpg

Allison Schoel - Korra (Formally Noir)

January 2021

"Happy New Year!  Korra is doing amazing.  She's now able to sleep out of her kennel and in her bed all night without issues.  She's adapting to our life and her own system.  She loves dogs more than anything.  She's very energetic and playful and sassy.  She has very human-like behavior, rolling eyes and sighing like a teenager whenever I pick her up.  We love her so much!  A chaotic goofball and we love it.  Very well behaved and super smart."

Jackie Vazquez - Bodhi (Formally Whim)

January 2021

"Hope you had a very happy season this past 2020 and wishing you all good things for 2021.  Bodhi's 3rd bday is finally here and having him around for yet another year of his life has been a blessing through these tough times we faced in 2020,  I am eternally grateful that he came into my life.  He is doing amazing.  He loves to go on walks, nap time, and of course mealtime.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of how handsome he is:)"

Pic 8.jpg

Alexandra Lopez - Neji (Formally Strider)

January 2021

"Hi Deborah!  It's been a while since our last update!  This year has been hectic to say the least!  But just wanted to send you some updated pictures of Neji (Strider)!  He is very healthy and very spoiled (mostly my fault lol).  He had his birthday December 13th and opened his first Christmas present.  He's been such a comfort in all the chaos and we are so grateful to have him.  We love him dearly.  Thank you again for helping bring him into our lives!"


2020 Reviews

Quynh Nguyen - Yuzu (Formally Risque)

December 2020

"Hi Deborah, I hope you are doing wee.  I just wanted to send you an update on Yuzu.  She has grown so much since we brought her home.  She is fitting in with us so well and has become very attached to her sister Suri, the Pomeranian.  They love to team up together to bully poor little Tofu!  She loves to play all day with all the toys that we have, but mostly her favorite toy is Suri.  She loves to chase after Suri and swing her around like a toy rope!"


Keely Andrews - Kubo (Formally Rambo)

December 2020

"Hi Deborah!  Kubo has been an absolute dream!  He's one of the friendliest puppies I've ever seen and is always so happy to see everyone.  He picks up things so quickly too that I hardly have to work to train him!  He's gotten along great with my other dog and they are the best of buds now!  His new favorite activity is chasing after her in the backyard.  I can't thank you enough for such a great puppy!"

Pixie - Foxy 5-28-2020.jpeg

Carolee Burgess - Naito (Formally Pip)  

June 2020     This is her third Puppy!

"We could not be more pleased with this little guy!  He is boisterous, confident and smart as a whip.  He may turn out the best of all of them-and that's saying a lot.  He is into everything, discovered his bark and has integrated seamlessly into our pack.  Meg loved him immediately: Maru took a bit longer and has less patience with him, but he's finally coming around.  All in all, everyone is getting along."

Ashley Hale - Foxy (Formally Pixie)

May 2020

"Just wanted to send a quick note.  Foxy is settling in so well to her new home.  The kids and other dog love her and I am completely obsessed.  I don't think I've ever seen anything as cute as her in my life!  She's so well behaved and such a good girl too!  Thank you so much!  We will definitely want to bring another Shiba into our home in the coming years to accompany her!"

Salsa - Eddy 5-14-2020.jpeg

Gordon Aiken - Eddy (Formally Salsa)

May 2020

"Hello Deborah,

I hope you are doing well and that all of this Covid-19 stuff hasn't impacted you too much.  Although I've been working from home more, things have actually been quite busy for me.  I can tell you for certain that one little guy has really LOVED all of the extra attention lately though, Eddy has been our angel through all of this.  Eddy is without a question a once in a lifetime dog, he is absolutely amazing.  He is smart, happy,  a little bit of a rascal (in a good way) and an absolute sweetheart.  I can't thank you enough for helping us with this treasure."

Salsa - Eddy 5-14-2020 B.jpeg

Jesse Huynh - Alfie (Formally Congo)

April 2020

"Hi Deborah,

I just wanted to give you an update on how Congo (Alfie) is doing since yesterday was his Birthday!  He has since grown to be a very, very handsome boy!  He is smart and rarely barks!  He love playing with other dogs and has grown to be very social, but also gentle!  He has travels throughout the US with us from Chicago to California and never made a fuss.  He's super clever and smart (sometimes for our own good), and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you again for bringing Alfie into our lives!  We're looking forward to him growing up with us.  I hope you are staying healthy and well during these times as well!"

Kittisak Singsutee - Kenzo (Formally China)

April 2020

"Hello Deborah,

How are you?  I hope everything is going well with you.  Here I have some updated pictures of Kenzo (China) for you.

He's finally turn one year old (4.24).  He's such and energetic dog, friendly and always get attention from people.  And of course he's VERY smart.  I'm surprised that I never send him to school but he can understand my commands so quick. I hope one day I can manage to bring him to see his parents and his brother.  I wonder if he can remember them.  Thank you once again for bringing him to our life."

Best, Kenny

China - Kenzo 4-25-2020 D.jpeg
China - Kenzo 4-25-2020 B.jpg
Noland - Hibiki 4-6-2020 A.jpeg
Congo-Alfie 4-25-2020.jpg
Pip - Naito 6-26-2020.jpeg

Tony & Judith Lohrman - Kobuk (Formally Sizzle)

September 2020

"Hey Deborah I thought I would share a couple of pics of Kobuk with you.  First is with Kaili with her paw on him and second is him all spread on the cold hardwood floor.  He is AWESOME!!!  His personality is so fun and he is a terror lol.  His yawns are loud and teeth are sharp and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.  Thank you for providing us with such a great pup!!!"

Sizzle -Kobuk 9-2-2020 (2).jpg
Sizzle -Kobuk 9-2-2020.JPG
Strider - Neji 2-12-2020.jpeg

Alexandra Roland - Takumi (Formally Sharpie)

March 2020

"Hello Deborah!  Just thought I'd update you on Takumi!  He just came back from the vets and he's perfectly healthy and was an absolute angel for the vets!  He's so friendly and lovable.  And his kitty and dog brothers love him.  He's absolutely loved and adored by everyone around him and he's even learning tricks!  Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to welcome him into our lives."

Sharpie - Takumi 2-29-2020 B.jpg

Audrey Widodo - Hibiki (Formally Noland)

April 2020

"Hibiki/Noland has only had two accidents when he first arrived and now rings the potty bell we have for him at the door to go outside!  He's such a trooper and loves all his toys.  Even though he sleeps most of the time, he loves to chase his ball around and pose for the camera,"

Alexandra Lopez - Neji (Formally Strider)

February 2020

"Neji is very active and silly and doing very well.  We are over the moon about him and love him so much.  Thank you for raising such an awesome puppy."

Troy - Zoomer 1-1-2020.JPEG
Troy - Zoomer 1-1-2020 A.jpg

Jonathan Miner - Zoomer (Formally Troy)

January 2020

"Hi Deborah and Happy New Year!  Zoomer (Troy) is almost 13 weeks old and he's healthy, happy and stops traffic everywhere he goes!  Here he is with his "uncle" Greggy at a hotel where he was well-behaved and very popular.  Thank you for raising such a wonderful dog!

He is a smart dog and the training is going very well...he's learning very quickly and is now potty trained and very adaptable to new situations, and is friendly with people and dogs.  I am very surprised how much attention he's getting...I wasn't kidding about him stopping traffic everywhere he goes!!  Thanks again."

Six - Maggie 2-12-2020.jpg
Pi and Six 2-12-2020.jpg

Dianne Sano - Maggie (Formally Six)

February 2020

"Can't resist sharing!  They are the best of buds and Maggie has been such a great addition to me and to Pi!  She is unbelievably sweet and a cuddler to boot!  I am thrilled because Pi wouldn't dream of cuddling!  Thanks again!".

2019 Reviews

Pi 12-12-2019.jpg

Dianne Sano - Pi

December 2019

"It has been one week!  Growing like a weed!  He could not be more perfect.  We love him so much!"

Raven and Raisin - Ciera and Sadie 12-24

Jim Gore & Cyndie Nielsen - Sadie and Ciera (Formally Raisin and Raven)

December 2019

"Hi Deborah,  Just wanted to let you know that both girls are doing well.  They are now 18 weeks, and rambunctious and playful.  Cyndie and I are very glad we got sisters - they play, eat and sleep together - they have no anxiety when we leave and are settling down to become good girls.  The pink collar is Ciera (Raven) and the blue collar is Sadie.  I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to get these two girls.  They are the joy of our lives!"

Pi 2-12-2020.jpg
Nomad - Duke 11-14-2019 B.jpg

Jack & Jill Johnson - Duke (Formally Nomad)

November 2019

"We've been busy with our three dogs, but wanted you to know we LOVE Duke.  He might be the most amazing little puppy.  Even our vet thinks he's incredible and this guy is a pretty stone cold guy.  He was potty trained in a day....has not had one accident in the house.  He listens to commands.  And most importantly he loves his sisters...Makena especially"

Nomad - Duke 11-14-2019 A.jpg
Racer-Bruce 10-23-2019.jpeg
Noir - Korra 10-28-2019 E.jpg

Marvin Evans - Bruce (Formally Racer)

November 2019

"I was searching for a reputable for a very long time before finding Anderson's Shiba Inus.  I am happy to say that this was exactly what I was looking for.  Deborah was always available to answer any questions I had and was very knowledgeable on the breed.  My puppy came in very good health.  She even supplied some food and a nice crate along with his paperwork.  If I am ever up for the challenge of taking on another Shiba puppy I will definitely be choosing Anderson's again.  I highly recommend this breeder."

Noir - Korra 10-28-2019 C.jpg

Alexander & Allison Cuenin - Korra (Formally Noir)

October 2019

"Hi Deb!  We made it home safe Sunday morning and Korra is doing wonderful.  She hasn't had any potty accidents so far and she's super well behaved.  She already knows Sit and she's really good with cuddles and she's very active with her toys.  All 3 of us have been sleeping a whole bunch and if she wakes up before us she's very good at keeping herself entertained.  There's a couple of inches of snow outside, so we haven't gone out and she gets a little nervous when we open the blinds for her to see.  Once she's more settled we'll hold her and go outside so she can look around a little bit.  Our couch turns into a bed so we've been sleeping next to her crate right now ha ha.  She has so many toys and she loves peanut butter!  Thank you so much for being so wonderful with her.  She's doing amazing and we couldn't be happier.  She's so perfect!!"

Destiny Bradberry - Rogue (Formally Radar)

October 2019

"Debbie Anderson is passionate about Shiba Inus.  She keeps clean facilities, the breeding adults are kept in great health and conditions.  She runs a wonderful program in which she is bettering the breed of the Shiba Inu.  I have bought from her twice.  Once in March 2018, a Black and Tan female who was healthy and is the best companion.  The second time is just this past week, October 2019, a Red male who was also in healthy condition and is already shaping up to be another great companion for my family and I.  Thanks to the way Debbie raises her Shiba Inus they come to you with bold personalities, basically almost potty and kennel trained, and socialized well.  Both of the Shibas I have bought from Debbie have been easy going and loving with all people of various ages.  She makes sure you get a tour of her facilities and get a chance to meet mom and dad of your puppy.  And if you are a repeat buyer such as myself and your previous puppies parents aren't retired you can check in with them and say hi.  She gives you access to pedigrees which is awesome because I was able to connect that both of my Shibas are in fact cousins through their fathers.  She also, once you select you puppy, keeps you updated with pictures and videos of them every week and is always available for questions.  Knowing that I was getting not just a Shiba Inu but quality Shibas from a responsible breeder made me happy.  Debbie is more than a breeder, she is part of my family because she helped bring two of the most wonderful dogs I could own into my life."

Radar - Rogue 10-20-2019.JPG
Savannah - Apple 10-12-2019.jpeg
Savanna 7-22-2019.jpg
Ranger - Benny 10-12-2019 B.JPG

Nancy & Katie Shinn - Apple Blossom (Formally Savannah) 

October 2019

"Apple has been an absolute doll, I kept expecting her to try to eat all my things and I was expecting to have to work with house training her and she still is yet to ever have an accident in my house.  She's been getting along with her big brother and they run around and play all day long.  She is the most beautiful girl and people often stop me to tell me what a gorgeous dog she is.  I just wanted to send an update on the absolute angel she has been."

Dolly Low - Benny (Formally Ranger)

October 2019

"Deborah is very responsible and very patient!  We got our love, Benny from her and he is so perfect!  Thank you, Deborah!".

Sundance- Akuma 8-31-2019.jpg

Chace Price - Akuma (Formally Sundance)

August 2019

"Akuma is fitting in REALLY well here at his new home.  He gets along well with his new brother and sister, and he's taking to potty training really well.  He's a very smart boy!  So far we love him to death and I couldn't be happier with my new boy.  Thank you very much."

Sundance - Akuma 8-31-2019.JPEG
Roxy - Kuma 828-2019.jpg

Johnny Throckmorton - Kuma (Formally Roxy)

August 2019

"Thank you for helping us to find this amazing Siba Inu that is a loving companion.  She is very smart and enjoys every new adventure.  She has a playful nature and continues to show us that we have been blessed to have her in our lives."

China - Kenzo 8-8-2019 B.jpeg

Kittisak Singsutee - Kenzo (Formally China)

August 2019

"Kenzo is super smart and surprisingly good with people and other dogs.  Thank you for bringing him into out lives."

Shawnee- Tatsu 6-22-2019.jpg
Shawnee - Tatsu 6-22-2019.jpg

Sam and Chan Nouanesengsy - Tatsu (Formally Shawnee)

June 2019

"Hello Deborah!  Hope you and the Shibas are doing well.  Just wanted to share some pictures of our gorgeous fur baby boy, Tatsu/Shawnee.  He's around 6 months now.  Tatsu loves the family road trips, the outdoors, sport and agility (especially soccer), and chasing after squirrels and bunnies.  Tatsu loves to accompany his human siblings to their soccer activities.  He has successfully graduated from his Puppy Manners classes and is being such a well behaved puppy.  Tatsu continues to bring so much love and joy to our family and we absolutely love him!  We get compliments everywhere we take him.

Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication, love and devotion to all the Shibas in your care.  We owe this all to you.  Best regards, Sam and Chan."

Leo 3-4-2019.jpg

Kandi Veazey - Gatsby (Formally Socrates)

March 2019

"We've been shocked at what an easy puppy he is!  We're all in love with him!"

Susan Vilella - Leo (Formally Leonardo)

March 2019

"Our wonderful Leo is now 6 years old and loves guarding our house from his favorite spot.  So happy we found Anderson's Shiba Inus."

Pride - Milo with Luna 2-15-2019.JPG

Arc Chen - Coco and Toby

February 2019

"Coco and Toby are coming from Anderson's.  Toby is 4 now and Coco is just 1.  They are all healthy and amazing.  We love them very much!  Thanks for Anderson's shiba inu!"

Raffi Karpouzian - Milo (Formally Pride)

February 2019

"Ms. Anderson, Hello, I hope you are doing well!  I wanted to update you with a photo of Milo (Pride) so you can see how well he is doing.  He is already best friends with Luna and they get along great!  He's gotten very comfortable with us."

Coco and Toby 2-27-2019.jpg
Peek-a-boo - Makena 1-17-2019.jpg
Conan - Rocko 1-24-2019.jpg

Mauro Lndno - Rocko (Formally Conan)

January 2019

"Thank you so much.  Rocko is the best decision I've ever made."

Jack & Jill Johnson- Makena (Formally Peek-a-boo)     

January 2019

"Hi Deborah.  Just wanted to tell you that Makena (Peek-a-boo) is doing amazing.  She is the sweetest girl and by far the best puppy we have ever had.  She's already housebroken (only one accident) and sits and fetches.  We are even considering getting a red one too because she is such a dream."

Wish B.D. 1-8-2019.jpg
Wish 1-8-2019 A.jpg

Destiny Bradberry- Wish

January 8th 2019

"Today is the day my Angel’s Wish Come True was born. She is my baby and has brought me so much joy and life. Getting her was the best, and I mean the BEST decision I ever made. She is definitely a Shiba Inu because she has the sassy, stubborn, and sometimes aloof attitude. But at the same time she loves people, kids especially, she loves to cuddle and sleep on my bed, and gives the best kisses. Thank you to Deb Anderson for breeding this amazing dog and for allowing me the honor to to buy this beautiful dog of mine, and for allowing me the opportunity to get Wish a little brother in the near future. Happy Birthday to my beautiful dog!! 
P.S. getting her to stay still for photos was super difficult today because she knew she was gritting her cookie."

Porthos-Aki 1-11-2018 C.jpg
Porthos-Aki 1-11-2019.jpg

Ivy Guan- Aki (Formally Porthos)

January 2019

"Thank you so much!  We love him so much!!!  Aki  means autumn in Japanese."

Jackie Vazquez- Bodhi (Formally Whim)

January 2019

"As Bodhi's 1st birthday approaches I wanted to update you that he is doing marvelous. I also wanted to extend my thanks again for allowing this great pup into our lives, he's the best behaved dog ever and I cannot imagine my life without him. He loves people and approaches most with a friendly demeanor and I am forever grateful that he came into our lives at the perfect time."

Bodhi-Whim  1-6-2019.jpeg
Bodhi-Whim 1-6-2019.jpeg

2017-2018 Reviews

Kelly Yang- Yuki (Formally Mirage)

December 2018

"Yuki (Mirage) is cute and lovely, focus of the family and keeps me busy every day. My younger cat, Darcy, is her best friend and trainer, they play and fight every day. Yuki just can not stop bothering him whenever they are together. Thank you for this lovely puppy." 

Tammy Usui- Luna (Formally Mystique) and Alice (Formally Jewell)

December 2018

"Before my husband and I purchased a Shiba Inu, we did plenty of research into the needs of this breed and selecting the best breeder. After many calls, I finally found Deborah. I could hear that Deborah was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about this breed and was able to answer any question I asked. Another key factor in selecting Deborah as my breeder was how important genetics was to her in breeding her animals. I felt very comfortable with receiving our new family members from her. We welcomed Luna in October of 2017 and knew immediately we’d be back to see Deborah for #2. We got back on her waiting list and received Alice in August of 2018. Luna is a smaller female at 18 lbs and is compassionate and loyal. She enjoys car rides, kayaking, and playing at the beach. Despite what people might suggest, this Shiba Inu loves WATER! She is great with kids and other dogs. We never thought we’d experience this kind of love. Then Alice came along. Only at 6 months old now, she is much larger at 23 lbs and still growing. She is playful and is always excited to see you. She loves to dig and also play in water and in the rain. Both were easy to house train and are low maintenance. We picked up both of our dogs from Deborah’s home, where we got to meet all of her animals. The facilities are clean, there is plenty of room for the animals to run, and she made the transaction simple. I would only recommend Deborah in selecting a breeder for a Shiba Inu, even though there are many competitors that may have a short wait time or are closer to your location. We could not be happier with our experience!"

Bear with Lauren 12-31-2018.jpg

Lauren Rodgers- Bear (Formally Waco)

December 2018

"My bear is almost 1 year old and I didn’t think I could love anything as much as I love him!! Anderson’s was so wonderful and answered all of my emails within a day and even called me so I could ask her more about the day of my pick up. She even let me send my pup a blanket for his litter mates to play with and I got pictures and videos almost weekly. Bear has been such a great pup. He is smart like a Shiba but loves me so much and respects my authority. He learned his commands so quickly and never cried in his crate. He is my perfect boy and I couldn’t be happier with the way Anderson’s handled my adoption. Thank you for everything!! Bear and I love you!"

Luna and Alice 12-30-2018.jpg
Luna and Alice  12-30-2018.jpg
Marvel   Dunkel.jpg
Yuki, Mirage  12-24-2018.JPG
Yuki, Mirage 12-24-2018.JPG
Roy, Solo.jpg

Samuel Campos - Roy (Formally Solo)

September 2018

"Roy loves playing with balls. It is one of the highlights of his day. He's eating well and can smell his food a mile away. He's a character, anything I want him to do, he doesn't want to do, like going outside. But once he's outside, he's as happy as can be. He has a great personality."

Ying Zhou - Dunkel (Formally Marvel)

November 2018

"Dunkel is such a sweet and smart baby. We all love him. Grace says life is much better with a dog. Dunkel slept the first night without a sound. He's an awesome little dude."

Marissa Wellington - Kaia (formally June)

Facebook Review August 2018

"We spent quite some time researching and selecting a reputable Shiba Inu breeder that was both knowledgeable and humane. Anderson’s Shiba Inus exceeded all of our expectations and was there from the beginning all the way to the end of the adoption process. We were on the waiting list about six months before we decided to make Kaia (formerly June) apart our family. I was most impressed by how attentive and caring of a breeder Deborah was. She genuinely cares about each and every one of her dogs, and I never had one moment of doubt. If your puppy is being shipped to you (like Kaia was) she calls you a couple weeks prior to make sure any questions you have are answered and the transition is as smooth as possible. I cannot say enough great things about Anderson Shiba Inu’s. Kaia has been such a great addition to our family, her calm demeanor and lovable face was worth the wait!"

KAIA 8-19 (3).jpg
Megumi, Merri 1 year.jpg
Cutter 1 year.jpg

Carolee Burgess - Megumi (Formally Merri) and Maru (Formally Cutter)

November 2018

"Thank you for bringing Megumi to us... she is the greatest! Maru is an amazing addition to our pack. He is growing into a great dog! We are SO happy with both our kids... Your dogs are awesome!"

Danielle and Chris Jeffries- Paladin (formally Rhapsody)

June 2018

"My husband and I had been looking to expand our family with a Shiba Inu for a while. After doing a lot of intense research we found Anderson's Shiba Inus and couldn't be happier. Deborah cares deeply for the breed and her puppies show they are loved and healthy! Paladin (formally Rhapsody) has been an amazing addition to our home! Potty training is going smooth and after a day she knew what that doggy door was for. She gets along great with our other dog. I highly recommend Deborah for anyone considering the breed. I am jealous my husband was able to visit her Shiba paradise while I only get to see pictures."


Matt OD - Mamba (formally Merlin) 

September 2018

"Mamba is loving life. Thank you for such a wonderful best friend."

Crystal Nguyen - Koko (formally Chatter)

June 2018

"After doing my research on shibas as well as breeders I ultimately decided to go with Anderson's shibas for my first puppy.

My experience has been nothing but wonderful. Deb is extremely responsive and informative. You can tell she has been working with shibas for a long time and really cares.

Her facility is clean and her adults all seem very active and the pups are well socialized.

My pup (Koko) formerly "Chatter" from Cayenne and Jeremiah, born 4/12/18; is so quiet and sweet and practically came home potty trained. You can tell she is very used to being handled and just a joy.

I highly recommend Anderson's Shiba Inus to anyone that is interested in getting a shiba. The way the waiting list works is very reasonable and gives you time to research the breed more and prepare for your future puppy.

This is my first interaction with a breeder and I am walking away extremely satisfied and happy with my experience. 10//10"

Anya Hammerman- Chio

Facebook Review April 2018:

"My Shiba Inu, Chio (Formally Salsa) was from the litter born on December 7th, 2017. She has an amazing disposition. She loves everyone and all animals. I work as a vet tech and can bring her to work with me, and she loves going there! She's a very sweet girl and a wonderful addition to the family. She definitely goes against a lot of shiba stereotypes, but she's very smart and loving. Thank you guys for being so great!"

Tami Clark-

Facebook Review January 2018:

"We did a lot of research before choosing a breeder and our experience with Anderson's was outstanding. We brought our beautiful baby home last week and couldn't be happier. She definitely was worth the wait."

Destiny Bradbury- Wish

Facebook Review March 2018:

"After doing some research for a breeder I selected Anderson's Shiba Inus to get my fur-baby. It was honestly the best decision I've made. My wish, born from Willa and Thor, is the sweetest and most reserved girl that I could have gotten. Ms. Debbie has a clean facility and her breeding dogs are kept in wonderful conditions. The puppies, when I arrived to pick up Wish, were healthy and very socialized. Wish is a thriving healthy puppy and a huge part of my life now and it is all thanks to Anderson's Shiba Inus. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a reputable breeder of a Shiba Inu and I am happy to say that when I am ready I will be going back to get another Shiba from her."

Alex Ramirez- Kato and Osa

Facebook Review March 2017:

"We spent a lot of time researching when looking for a Shiba breeder and ultimately made our decision to go through Anderson's. Our first experience was nothing short of exceptional. She had absolutely no reservations when we requested to visit her facility before putting a down payment. The eventual result was bringing home Kato (brother of one of her current breeding dogs, Happy) as a part of our family. About a year went by when we knew we needed to find a permanent buddy for Kato after seeing how much he loved interacting with other dogs. We gave no second thought and returned to Anderson's. This past December we picked up Osa and brought home Kato a little sister. These two experiences have been nothing short of amazing."

Carolee Burgess- Megumi

Facebook Review December 2017:

"I got Megumi one year ago Friday and she has been an absolute joy. We love her to death: so much that we got her a brother who is coming to us soon. These folks are communicative, caring and wonderful breeders of fantastic examples of the Shiba. Highly recommend them to anyone considering getting one."

Stacy Markel- Shadow

Facebook Review July 2017:

"After saying goodbye to out two Shibas (age 13 + 15) the house felt empty without one. After researching breeder, Anderson's definitely exceeded all expectations.  Weekly updates were sent and our new puppy arrived on time and in PERFECT health. You can tell by his personality that he was well loved and socialized prior to coming home to us. Thank you for taking such amazing care of our little guy. We are so happy to have him :)"

2014-2015 Reviews

Renae Nally 
Facebook Review

August 18, 2015 · 

I received my perfect baby pup from Anderson's Shiba Inus and had such a wonderful experience. Replies were always prompt and they included me as much as possible from the time she was born until she was finally in my arms. She is a sweet, energetic, loyal and extremely lovable pup, just like a shiba should be! I have found so much happiness from her already!

Kristen Scheets 
Facebook Review

October 26, 2015 ·

Very clean facility! The puppy we got from Deborah is incredibly intelligent and has a very loving disposition! I would definitely buy another puppy from her!

August 17, 2015

Renae  from Kentucky says:


"I received my perfect baby pup from Anderson's Shiba Inus and had such a wonderful experience. Replies were always prompt and they included me as much as possible from the time she was born until she was finally in my arms. She is a sweet, energetic, loyal and extremely lovable pup, just like a shiba should be! I have found so much happiness from her already!"

October 1, 2014 

Jana from Miami, OK says:

"Anderson's is where we got our sweet fur-baby, Daken. He is about 18 months old and is the perfect addition to our family! He is extremely intelligent, potty-trained in no-time, obedience-training is very quick. I keep wanting to pick a new one out when I see the new babies. Customer service is exceptional, every question I've had about the breed has been answered and matches what I've researched online. The babies are not shy towards humans, you can tell they've been handled with love. I would recommend Anderson's to anyone for a wonderful experience in bringing a new fur-baby into your family!"


April 2014

Donna says:

"My son got a Shiba Inu at Anderson's Roxy is now 6 months old very healthy and very loving and full of energy. Quite the personality she has and keeps us busy loves her outside walks. Anderson's was very professional and easy to deal with. I would recommend to anyone interested in a shiba. My only problem is my spoiled cats have yet to accept her and Roxy tries to play so hard with them. But in due time I'm sure they all be great together. 5 stars highly recommend she is great addition to our family. We love our Foxy Roxy and she gets compliments all the time gorgeous dog. At vet visits she is the dog people just want to make over and pet every time we have been."

July 2014 

Connie from Oklahoma City says:

"My Lexus is now 14 months old and is the sweetest; prettiest black and tan. I love her to pieces. Their adult shibas are quality dogs. Lexus is a little princess."


July 2014 

Jenna says:

"My Shiba Inu, Ryker, is now a year old and an absolute love! Ry was flown in from Andersonsshibainus to Wisconsin, and has been a joy ever since. He has successfully completed consecutive levels of obedience and agility classes, and has participated in a few pet walks! Everywhere we go, Ry is complemented on his looks, personality, or behavior. I am so in love with this little guy, and our next Shiba will not come from anywhere but Andersons!"

October 2014 

Wallie says:

"Very well mannered and beautiful breed of dogs!!! Could not be any happier than I am right now!!! My 'Nova' baby girl is the sweetest and best puppy I have ever owned, and I have had my share of puppies!!! I have always been a Boxer person, but had I found this breed earlier in life may not of been able to say that. Will be sharing pictures here as soon as I can break away from spoiling my little girl!!! She is one of Gods newest blessings for me and cannot say enough how thankful I am that he bestowed such an honor upon me!!!"

October 2014 

Sophie from Canada says

"Luna travelled from Oklahoma (Anderson's shiba inus) to Montreal and we were worried about her travelling alone, but everything went great. She is healthy, intelligent, sociable (even with cats!) and affectuous. We love her very much!

June  2015

Kira says:

"We recently purchased a puppy from Anderson's Shiba Inus.(She is the one lying down on the home page picture aka "Roxy"). She is the most well adjusted Shiba we have ever known (and we have two others!). We are very impressed with how socialized this puppy already was when we got her. She loves people and loves to be with her family. She was pretty much potty trained when we got her and she was crate trained. It was apparent that the breeder spent time with the puppies.
We have a very smart and lovable girl. We take her everywhere with us so she can continue to meet people and get used to being touched by strangers. We highly recommend Anderson's if you are wanting a wonderful, smart, lovable, and beautiful, healthy Shiba. 
P.S.: If you are having your puppy shipped- we were very pleased with this process. I had never shipped an animal and was concerned, but rest assured, she arrived on time, and safe."

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