Reserve a Puppy & Wait List

I am not sure when I will be shipping again.  I will keep you updated.  Thank you!

   A $250 deposit will reserve a puppy from future litters. This deposit goes towards the purchase price of the puppy. Puppies are offered in order of deposits received, beginning when litter is approximately 3 to 4 weeks old. If a person does not wish to claim a puppy at this time, they will retain their place on the waiting list, and puppy will be offered to next in line. If at any time you desire your deposit back, I will refund $200 of the $250 deposit.*  You will not be added to the waiting list until I receive your deposit.  

  *If you wish to have your deposit refunded and the PayPal link is no longer open, I will of course mail you a refund.

  As you will see at the end of this page, I have a waiting list. I know it is hard to wait for a puppy, but use this time to thoroughly research the Shiba Inu breed. This knowledge can help you better plan for this wonderful and sometimes challenging experience.  Sincerely, Deborah Anderson

For puppies being shipped, 3% PayPal fees for total cost of puppy and shipping will be charged to the buyer at the time of the final bill.


Base Prices:

Reds $1750, Black&Tans $1750,

Occasional Creams and exceptional quality Puppies  $2000

*All puppies are sold with limited AKC Registration.

Full AKC Registration, which includes breeding privileges, will be granted at my discretion. 

The total cost will be determined by me, but would be a minimum of an additional $500.

Please contact me for more information.

*I reserve the right to keep any puppy of my choice for myself.

*Prices may be subject to change.


Please make sure to have submitted your deposit when filling out the Form. Names will not be added to wait list without a deposit.

*If there are any issues while making a PayPal deposit, please try from a desktop or laptop device.

Thank you

Paypal and credit card fees of  3 % will be charged to the buyer at the time final payment is made or deposit is refunded. 


I accept PayPal only at this time for deposits.  

The PayPal button is automatically set for a $250 deposit.

Thank you!

Puppy Waiting List

-In Order of Deposits-

(Breeder Reserves the right to first pick of any upcoming litters)

Buyers will be listed  in the order of deposit received. Buyers will be presented with available puppies in turn, but only with those puppies that meet their gender and color preference, if so declared.  At that time buyers can decide if they wish to adopt.  Buyers can pass on available puppies without losing their place in line.  If a buyer has not claimed a puppy, deposits are refundable.

Thank you!

  1. Andrew L.

  2. Lynsey H.

  3. Devon C

  4. Matthew A.

  5. Ann P.

  6. Kristina B.

  7. Cyleth R.

  8. Thomas C.

  9. Kevin C.

  10. Diana D.

  11. Amanda A.

  12. Ann B.

  13. Taylor D.  (repeat buyer)

  14. Dylan Z.

  15. Cameran C.

  16. Sara F.

  17. Zhengyu L.

  18. Saadat & Kris K.

  19. Lucy H.

  20. Lingke Y.

  21. Kathleen V.  (repeat buyer)

  22. Vanessa C.

  23. Kevin C.  (2nd Puppy)

  24. Caymen J.

  25. Youdan X.

  26. Chris W.   (repeat buyer)

  27. Luis V.

  28. Zelan L.

  29. Catherine A.

  30. Darlene & George J.      "Adopting Hamlet"

  31. Kelly G.

  32. Xiaoxiao Z.

  33. Nancy H.

  34. Huangxin W.

  35. Jennifer M.

  36. Son M.

  37. Thomson & Lashondra P.

  38. Pik M.

  39. Anh T.    (repeat buyer)

  40. Lynn K.

  41. Lisa Z.

  42. Candice W.

  43. Keyuan H.

  44. Fangchen L.

  45. Jiayao Z.

  46. Salina & Paul M.

  47. Michael (Rolando) A.

  48. Nicole D.

  49. Eduardo T.

  50. Michael W.        "Adopting Honey"

  51. Krystal F.   (2 puppies)

  52. Gabriel F.

  53. Alvaro O.

  54. Cindy M.

  55. Linda S.

  56. Lingjia L.

  57. Liana C.

  58. Madeline W.

  59. Larry W.

  60. Gabrielle P.

  61. Johnny T.

  62. Ashley H.  (repeat buyer)

  63. Kathy B.

  64. Cynthia D.

  65. Adelia S.          

  66. Maria G.       "Adopting Holly"

  67. Mitchell & Garrick W.

  68. Karen L.

  69. Alessia F.

  70. Holly N.

  71. Robin A.    (repeat buyer)

  72. Anna D.

  73. Zack & Amilla 

  74. Amanda R.

  75. Wes C.

  76. Lucy C.

  77. Angel S.

  78. Suzanne L.    (repeat buyer)

  79. Gabrielle G.

  80. Noreen B.    (2 puppies)

  81. Jennifer L.

  82. Olivia R.

  83. Justin G.

  84. Faith V.

  85. Andy K.

  86. Katerina L.

  87. Fastina N.

  88. Shenequa P.

  89. Julie P.

  90. Jenny N.

  91. Mingchao Z.

  92. Terrin O.

  93. Kashayla M.

  94. Brendon S.

  95. Alyssa & Brian

  96. Gary I.

  97. Jackson B.

  98. Jeffrey L.

  99. Megan B.

  100. Praveen K.

  101. Brooks T.

  102. Andrew W.     (repeat buyer)

  103. Bjoern & Annalise       (repeat buyer)

  104. Marci B.

  105. Trung D.

  106. Christopher C.

  107. Chae J

  108. Sean H.

  109. Lana C.

  110. Shirley X.

  111. Vladimir D.

  112. Jennifer & Mason D.

  113. Shatori L.



People in the process of adopting a puppy are not removed from the list until they have happily received their puppy.

Thank you!

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