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Important Information About Buying A Puppy

 Unfortunately, there are illegitimate websites set up as fake breeding operations. Listed below are some helpful tips, which may help you make a safe and informed decision.  Here are some red flags to look for:

  • ​​Ridiculously low prices

  • Accepting payment only by Money Gram, Money Order, or wire transfers

  • Not furnishing proof of flight booking, or promising puppy will be delivered to your door step

  • Ask if you can visit their facility, even if not intending to do so

  • Always ask for updated puppy pictures to be provided.

    • If you are feeling unsure, ask for photo to include a note card with your name on it.

  • Acquire physical address of kennel and use google maps to insure location

  • Spend time talking with the person.

    • This can help you form an opinion about them.

 Adding a healthy, playful puppy to your family should  be a wonderful, rewarding experience. Do your homework. I hope these tips will help you make a good choice.  

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