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Guarantee & Purchase Agreement:

 For the protection of the new owner of the puppy and the seller,  seller requires the puppy be examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the expense of the new owner, within 48 hours of receiving puppy. A copy of this exam must be emailed or mailed to seller within in one week of puppy’s arrival or the guarantee will be null and void. If this puppy is found to have a serious health issue at the 48 hour exam and is unable to be medically treated, a replacement puppy, refund or partial refund will be given to the buyer. This will be determined by the seller.  To qualify for a replacement, refund or partial refund, buyer must return the puppy alive at their expense, to the seller within 24 hours of exam.  Buyer must provide a signed document from the veterinarian stating the problem.  Registration papers given at the time of sale must accompany return.  Seller reserves the right to require a second veterinary exam on returned puppy before any replacement or refund is given.  All veterinarian expenses are at the expense of the new owner and not refundable.

 Seller does not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes that cannot be controlled once the puppy leaves Anderson's Shiba Inus. Seller will not be responsible for parvo, distemper, or corona virus after 7 days, as these are such highly contagious disease they can be contracted immediately after leaving the facilities. Also, seller does not guarantee against hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, viral or bacterial infections (including puppy flu), or parasites. 


 Owning a dog means the buyer will be dealing with parasites throughout its life. Keeping a Shiba free of ticks, fleas and worms is important to its overall health. The medical pamphlet included in the paperwork gives details about the preventative wormings and vaccinations the puppy has already received.  Always follow the veterinarians instruction to maintain your dog's health.


 Seller also guarantees, for one year, this pup to be free of detrimental genetic defects.  Again, the seller would require a statement from a licensed veterinarian confirming such a defect with a laboratory report backing the veterinarian’s statement (at new owners expense) before any action will be taken. Seller's vet must confirm diagnosis.  Puppy will be replaced with a new puppy or a refund will be given, to be determined by the seller. 


If your puppy is to be a pet, please spay or neuter as per your vet's instruction.  Puppies purchased for breeding purposes are not guaranteed to breed.   


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Health Guarantee

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