Available Puppies

At the bottom of this page are adorable, current puppies and their parents.

I have a waiting list for puppies. This can be viewed on the Reserve a Puppy page, where you can also reserve your future puppy.

I begin posting pictures of new puppies when they are about 2 1/2 weeks old.  I try to update their pictures at least weekly, if not more often. At that time, I will begin contacting people on my waiting list. I move through my list quickly, so please watch for emails alerting you to available puppies and respond appropriately.  Puppies are ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.  At this age, puppies are to young to neuter, so you will need to make those arrangements with your vet when your puppy is 4 to 6 months old.

** Please update me if there are any changes in your contact information., or if you have changed your preference on color or gender of puppy.  Remember, if you have declared a specific gender or color, you will be notified with only those puppies available that meet that criteria.

Attention:  Sorry, but at this time, these puppies are not on the open market. They are being offered first to those on my waiting list. However, tune in weekly for new pictures as these puppies grow!  

Puppy Prices are as Follows:

Reds $1750

 Black &Tans $1750

Occasional Creams and Exceptional Quality Puppies  $2000 

*All puppies are sold with limited AKC Registration.

Full AKC Registration, which includes breeding privileges, will be granted at my discretion.  Cost will be determined by me.

*Shipping not included in price of puppy. Please see Shipping Page for more details.

I reserve the right to keep any puppy of my choice for myself.

*Prices may be subject to change.

For puppies being shipped, 3% PayPal fees for total cost of puppy and shipping will be charged to the buyer at the time of the final bill.

Puppy Update:


Pictures and information for Seven's litter is now posted below.

All the Puppies are adopted and will go to their new homes soon!

Any Puppy adopted will need to be picked up.  All flights for puppies are temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 virus.


Thursday 06/11/2020

Pick up Date:

Thursday 08/06/2020

or shortly after

Ship Date:

There is still no reliable


Seven (Mom)

Seven never ceases to amaze me.  She is quiet, loving and very capable.  

Sooner (Dad)

Sooner has been with me for many years.  He consistently sires very nice puppies!

Seven and Sooner combined have 56 AKC Champions in their extended pedigrees.

These two wonderful Shibas always seem to pass along their good nature, sunny disposition and willingness to please to their babies!

Serrano (Boy)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Collin B.

He will be renamed Mugi!

Sizzle (Boy)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Tony & Judy L.

He will be renamed Kobuk!

Selena (Girl)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Corbin H.

She will be renamed Georgia!

Simmer (Boy)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Matthew C.

He will be renamed Goku!

Salsa (Girl)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Carol W.

Spice (Girl)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Shannon & Sydney M.

She will be renamed Tsumugi!

"Hot and spicy summer fun!"

The boys:

Serrano, Simmer & Sizzle

2 1/2 Weeks

The girls:

Salsa, Selena & Spice

2 1/2 Weeks

The puppies below are all adopted and in their new homes!

Pixel (Mom)


Friday 04/03/2020

Pick up Date:

Friday 05/29/2020

or shortly after

Ship Date:

No shipping at this time

Sooner (Dad)

Pixel was born with polite manners and one of the most affectionate natures I have ever seen!

Sooner has been with me for many years now.  He has consistently sired very nice puppies.

Pixel and Seven combined have 56 AKC Champions in their extended pedigrees.

Both Pixel and Sooner have wonderful temperaments.  These puppies should be a joy and very easy to handle.

Phineas (Boy)

5 Weeks 

Adopted by Anh T.

He will be renamed Manolo!

Parsons (Boy)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Bjoern & Annalise

He will be renamed Marvin!

Pip (Boy)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Carolee B.

He will be renamed Naito!

Pixie (Girl)

5 Weeks

Adopted by Ashley H.

She will be renamed Foxy!

Phineas, Pip, Parsons, and Pixie

3 Weeks

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